Our Story

Our beautiful friendship started 2 years ago, and was based entirely on being ‘workout buddies’ at the gym. We knew right away we would be a dangerous combination, as we evolved in our routines and pushed each other to try new things…such as getting lost during a 30k race in the middle of the wilderness (never getting talked into THAT again..) We discussed how to become stronger, faster, healthier, and recruited whoever we could to join us along the way. Through our travels, we were always stumbling upon beautiful studios that gave us an unforgettable workout experience. Taking bits and pieces that we loved from each one and through our personal experiences, we crafted the perfect idea for an Infrared heated studio. A studio that provides a multitude of health benefits, as well as gives a rejuvenating workout, both mentally and physically. We have pioneered our classes to fit any fitness level, and all walks of life. So here we are, Devon, as the lovely fitness instructor, and Jess, the yogi! We hope that you will join us on this journey and enjoy every step of the way as much as we have!

Meet the Instructors

Meet Jess, Owner

Jess is an avid runner and full time mother of four, free spirited children. Her goal on a daily basis is to simply feel good, be energetic, and be happy. To reach this goal is even more simple: be careful of what you put into your body, get plenty of fresh air, exercise daily, be loving towards others, and enjoy a good craft beer! From track and cross country, to volleyball, basketball, and diving into any and all forms of physical fitness, Jess discovered a love for yoga, and felt inspired to teach others the practice that has benefited her life both physically and mentally. She has a bachelors degree in Sociology and Human Services from Black Hills State University, and is a RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) from the Colorado School of Yoga where she studied under the founder, Gina Caputo, who put her heart and soul into her schooling and taught her students the priceless knowledge of what yoga really means and how to practice it both on, and off the mat. Jess is CPR and AED certified, and has completed continued education courses in both Yin and Chair yoga. Come to class to breathe, laugh, and evolve both physically and mentally.  

"At the end of the day people wont remember what you said, they wont remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel"

~Maya Angelou

Meet Dr. Devon, Owner

Dr. Devon's skills range from being an elite, division 1 athlete to a chiropractic physician. Her philosophy of health centers on lifestyle. Nurturing and cleansing the body with physical activity, quality food, and positive energy is the meaning of true health.  Since she began her collegiate career, she has always dreamed of creating a gym that would appeal to all walks of life and fitness levels and a workout that would positively shape and change your entire day. Through her experiences and educational background, she and Jess have perfected the idea of “The Hot Room”.  Her life mission, with chiropractic care and exercise, is to educate and lead her community to their optimum level of health. Dr. Devon has a bachelors degree in exercise science from North Dakota State University, where she was a 4 year student-athlete for the track and field team, specializing in the 100 and 400 meter hurdles. She is currently a practicing chiropractor and acupuncturist at Nelson Chiropractic. Dr. Devon is a certified group fitness instructor and will be leading students through strength and conditioning classes. 

Meet Olivia, Yoga Teacher

Olivia and her husband, Jared moved to The Black Hills in the Summer of 2016 after working in the area during Sturgis Rally since 2005.  Growing up in San Diego, CA introduced her to fitness at an early age playing competitive Club Soccer, training horses, and competing in tennis tournaments as a teenager, but the sports never showed her the true meaning of discipline and mind control.

“I first fell in love with yoga after I received a free week trial at a local studio.  I had just recently sprained my ankle and was hoping that a few classes would at least help bring back some mobility.  After only three classes, I was blown away by the drastic improvements I experienced, not only in my ankle, but my overall leg flexibility and mental calmness.  I’ve been hooked ever since", says Olivia.

After recovering from her injury and practicing yoga daily for several years, she kept the momentum going by getting certified through Core Power as a Yoga Sculpt Trainer in 2013.  Immersing herself in the intensive training lead to her passion in introducing as many people as she could to the wonders of yoga.

Her yoga classes are based off a Vinyasa Flow and focused on perfecting each yoga pose all while keeping a connection between the mind, breath and body.

Meet Kelsie, Barre Instructor

  Kelsie is a mother of three children and a local business owner and actively involved in giving back to the community. She has a strong passion for health and wellness and has earned three degrees in natural health; a Natural Health Consultant, Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Professional. Kelsie enjoys the outdoors and whatever physical form of exercise it may be: wake surfing, hiking, chasing the kids outside or biking. She believes that having an active lifestyle is so important to not only our physical health, but our mental as well. She loves a great strength training workout as well as a great hot yoga session. She believes in ultimate health with eating whole foods, exercising our bodies and mind, and drinking plenty of clean water. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Black Hills State University in 2007 in Management and Entrepreneurial Studies, then went on to earn her Master’s degree in 2008 from Black Hills State University in Business Services Management. Kelsie is also Barre Forte Certified. She hopes you come to the class for a great burn, to enjoy great music and forget about the stress of our daily lives.    

Meet Taynger, Certified Personal Trainer

Taynger, rhyming with DANGER, is persuing her dream of becoming Miss South Dakota USA. She has competed for Miss SD Teen USA for two years, earning 4th runner up in state. She competed for one year for the Miss division and placed in the top 10. Taynger competes in three areas of competition: interview, swimwear, and evening gown. Through this journey, Taynger fell in love with the healthy lifestyle changes she was making and the transitions she was seeing. This has inspired her to help others! She is a personal trainer certified through NASM and enjoys creating HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts and experiencing any new exercises and workouts. Taynger would describe herself as spunky and fun and loves to laugh, dream, and get things done!!

Meet Joan, Pilates Instructor

  Joan's background includes a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland and 12 years in the U.S. Navy. She is married and has one son. Joan was introduced to Pilates 15 years ago and loved It! Her love for Pilates inspired her to earn her certification through Peak Pilates. She teaches both mat and reformer, along with chair & barrel. The two things she loves most about Pilates are that anyone can do it and you get results. Her other passion is horseback riding, which Pilates helps with tremendously!