infrared health benefits


Heart and Circulatory Health

Infrared heat therapy is becoming one of the best ways to improve heart function in those who have suffered from a serious heart attack. The gentle heating of infrared and consequently an increase in heart rate allows patients to begin healing quicker. The heat improves circulation, reduces fluid around the heart, and helps overall heart function. Increased heart rate induced by heating tissues also increases blood flow throughout the body. A healthy circulatory system will supply the entire body with blood, oxygen, and nutrients and remove wastes that are no longer needed. Exercise in a Infrared heated room will enhance students circulatory health. 

Reduce Cancer Risk and Helps Heal Post-Cancer

Cancer cells cannot survive in a hot environment. Research shows that regular yoga (and other fitness modalities) practiced in a Infrared heated room significantly reduces pre-cancerous cells in patients. Infrared heat therapy has also shown positive affects in the recovery of cancer patients. The heat kills cancer cells, helps the body remove toxins from cancer therapies, and enhances the general well being and recovery of cancer patients. Please refer to physician prior to use.

Improves Arthritis, Reduces Pain, and Enhances Muscular Health

Looking for a way to ease aches and pains associated with aging? Look no further. Regular practice in a Infrared heated room will ease inflammation around the joints and soften the ache of arthritis. Heating the overall body under the comforting heat of Infrared allows students to experience a greater reduction in pain, from arthritis and other causes, long after the class is over. Gentle heat will heal torn muscles, stretched ligaments, and prevent further injury by improving overall muscular health. 

Fights Diabetes and Augments Weight Loss

Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing epidemic in America. Many are turning to practices of yoga and medication to fight diabetes and loose weight. Practicing yoga and other fitness modalities in a Infrared heated room helps circulation, improves heart health, and reduces pain to allow greater ease of movement and exercise and helps the body strive to reach its highest potential. Research shows that perspiration from Infrared heat is composed 90% of toxins. Removing excess waste will enhance weight loss efforts and improve diabetes. Infrared heat also improves skin tone and reduces inflammation around injection sites of type 1 diabetics. 

Boosts Cellular Growth

In the human body, thousands of cells are broken down and rebuilt on a daily basis. Cellular growth is essential for good health. Yoga and other exercises alone improves cellular function, but research shows enhanced cellular health when these are practiced in a Infrared heated room. 

Better Sleep, Clearer Skin, and Stress Reduction

Infrared heat opens the skin pores for easy removal of dirt, sweat, and toxins helping skin cells heal faster and function better. Easing the pain of aching muscles, arthritis, and chronic diseases while enhancing relaxation of the mind will improve sleep and reduce stress.